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Re: apache chroot + ports

I think they should. That's a nice feature if we take to effect the
expression: 'secure by default'.

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From: "Anil Madhavapeddy" <anil@recoil.org>
To: <ports@openbsd.org>
Cc: <henning@openbsd.org>
Sent: Monday, February 17, 2003 1:36 AM
Subject: apache chroot + ports

> Should we support I Apache chroot 'by default' with
> the PHP/PEAR ports?
> I could install the PHP modules in /var/www/lib, along
> with the PEAR libraries (instead of /usr/local/lib/php), i
> and all would be happy in both the chroot/non-chroot cases.
> I'm for this ... anyone else got complaints/comments?
> Anil

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