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Re: privoxy broken with latest i386 snap?

Dan Weeks <danimal@danimal.org> wrote:
> Han wrote:
> > I just tried the latest version and I still get the same bug. To
> > verify I did the following:
> >
> > cd /usr/src/lib/lipthread && cvs -qz3 up -PAd && make cleandir obj \
> >     depend && make && make install
> >
> > Or should I wait for the next snapshot?
> Without updating libpthread but using the patch Marco sent it seems to
> work for me. I'll keep using it today and see what happens.
> Thanks, Marco for all your work and for the patch. Thanks to Chris for
> finding this bug and sticking with it too. :)

It was a typical case of bad reading. I totally missed the patch. In
the meanwhile I tested privoxy from cvs and that builds without all the
silly additions from cvs which will make the next release of the port a
lot simpler.

# Han