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Re: privoxy broken with latest i386 snap?

Marco S Hyman <marc@snafu.org> wrote:
> > > > threads are b0rked. backing out marc's changes to the following
> > > > version makes privoxy work again:
> >
> > my apologies for jumping to conclusions
> Don't apologize. I found a real bug while trying to debug this and I'm
> NOT 100% certain that the privoxy patch is enough. I'm still looking
> at threads because something still doesn't "feel" right. I know that
> something has changed since some regression tests that used to pass
> are now failing. I don't know why, yet.

I just tried the latest version and I still get the same bug. To verify
I did the following:

cd /usr/src/lib/lipthread && cvs -qz3 up -PAd && make cleandir obj \
depend && make && make install

Or should I wait for the next snapshot?

# Han