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Re: New sparc64 snapshot

I am running 3.2-r and will continue to use packages, but will this be a
conflict? Do I need to be on the patch/current branch?

Also, is there a blackbox package? If not, could someone compile one? For
some reason, I have a lot of problems compiling a lot of ports, including


----- Original Message -----
From: "David Lebel" <lebel@lebel.org>
To: <ports@openbsd.org>
Sent: Sunday, February 09, 2003 5:35 PM
Subject: New sparc64 snapshot

> Hi!
> A new round of packages for sparc64 will make its way to the various
> FTP mirrors.  There is a whopping 1799 packages available now after the
> hard work of various porters.  However, as Peter already told you, we
> need you to test these packages.  They were built with propolice
> enabled (for the most part) and some of them had to be built with gcc3
> to work around issues with gcc 2.95 C++ problems.  We now have kde3 and
> qt3 !  Please, TEST!  My sparc64 don't have a head so I can't run X
> apps there.
> Here are the pending issues in some ports.  I'm not including ports
> that couldn't build because of dependencies issues.
> R-1.4.1 linker issues?
> STk-3.1.1 obvious libtool issues.
> abiword-1.0.4 bin/AbiWord_s isn't built, thus no .tgz
> cyrus-sasl-2.1.11 undef references to krb functions
> eel-2.0.8 thread issues. might be because I had
> an obsolete libc_r floating.
> emacs-20.7 unsupported
> ettercap-0.6.9 undef reference to rpl_malloc
> ffcall-1.8 Bunch of Error: Illegal operands
> glimmer-1.2.1 undefined reference to curses functions.
> maybe a -lcurses is missing?
> gnomemm-1.2.3 gcc issues, but with MODULES=gcc3, still barf at
> checking if libsigc++ sane
> kdesdk-3.1 bunch of stuff aren't found when doing .tgz
> kdeutils-3.1 unable to build ksimcpu.lo
> kountdown-0.3.2 ?
> libao-esd-0.8.3 lib/ao/plugins-2/libesd.so not built
> mplayer-luxi-sans-0.90rc2 install: ISO-8859-1-a.raw: No such file or
> directory
> mplayer-luxi-sans-bold-0.90rc2 ""
> mplayer-luxi-sans-italic-0.90rc2 ::
> octave-2.0.16
> pgp-5.0i structure has no member named `bytes'
> php4-extensions-4.2.3 iconv issues
> py-xml-0.7.1 lib/python2.2/site-packages/_xmlplus/parsers/pyexpat.so not
> built, so can't create .tgz.
> qhacc-0.6.1a bunch of undef references to QT objects
> qlwm-1.7   ""
> qt-designer-2.3.2p0   ""
> sarien-0.7.0 undefined reference to `__init_sound'
> scm-5d3 #define SHORT_INT
> scsh-0.6.2 Image file "build/initial.image" is unusable.
> ser-0.8.10 bunch of .so are not created
> siag-3.5.5 ?
> syslog-ng-1.5.24 undefined reference to `allow_severity' and
> undefined reference to `deny_severity'
> tightvnc-1.2.7 some gcc errors, even with gcc3
> tinyproxy-1.5.2 undefined reference to `rpl_malloc'
> umbrello-1.1.1 some c++ errors
> unicon-10.0beta *** Signal 10
> xcdplayer-2.2 initializer element is not computable at load time
> xemacs-21.1.14 unsupported
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