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Re: RFC#5 - wget FTP

On Thu, 6 Feb 2003 22:22:42 +0100
Ed White <ed@overminder.com> wrote:

> Request to set passive FTP by default in wget port. 
> Like /usr/bin/ftp and /usr/bin/lynx that use passive FTP by default

/usr/bin/ftp and /usr/bin/lynx do passive by default because they
fallback to active on failure.

I guess wget and I know vanilla lynx don't do this. Active ftp is still
the most best option if you have to make the choice between active and

It is easier to firewall for ftp server admins. If the user can't do
active ftp it is because he can't get it through NAT or his firewall is
too tight, in either case that is his problem.


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