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Re: bind 9.2.1

I believe with bind you have to do an bind-enable to actually install 
it once you have added the port. This is following the ports standard 
to not mess with the base install.

It has been a while since I did this but find can be your friend 
in this case (man find) to see where the files are.


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Well reading the man pages on installing packages, all I should have to
do is run make and then make install from the ports directory for any
port so  I have done this with bind9, but I guess I am confused as to
why the files it says it puts into directories in the README aren't
there?  Can anyone offer some assistance as to maybe some info on
installing bind 9.2.1.  Thanks for any help.  Oh yeah OS OpenBSD 3.2, on
an HP Netserver E50, P2 333 with 326MB of RAM.


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