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Re: New sparc64 snapshot

Quoting David Lebel (lebel@lebel.org) from  9 February 2003:
> Hi!
> A new round of packages for sparc64 will make its way to the various 
> FTP mirrors.  There is a whopping 1799 packages available now after the 
> hard work of various porters.  However, as Peter already told you, we 
> need you to test these packages.  They were built with propolice 
> enabled (for the most part) and some of them had to be built with gcc3 
> to work around issues with gcc 2.95 C++ problems.  We now have kde3 and 
> qt3 !  Please, TEST!  My sparc64 don't have a head so I can't run X 
> apps there.

As a FYI to others, scanssh is broken on sparc64 when using pcap.
I reported this to Niels a couple days ago so hopefully it will be
fixed in the near future. Bug is in pcapu.c with the pointer arithmetic
used to set pseudo.

$ scanssh -p
pcap on dc0
Bus error (core dumped)