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systrace and make again

i have another issue with systrace when trying to build the mysql-port.

$ systrace -tUi make
===>  Configuring for mysql-client-3.23.54
checking build system type... i386-unknown-openbsd3.2
checking host system type... i386-unknown-openbsd3.2
checking target system type... i386-unknown-openbsd3.2
checking for a BSD compatible install... /usr/bin/install -c -o root -g bin
checking for unistd.h... (cached) yes
checking for restartable system calls... /usr/bin/make, pid: 30063(0)[21206], 
policy: /usr/bin/make, filters: 72, syscall: native-poll(252), args: 12
Answer: Syntax error.
Answer: Syntax error.
Answer: Syntax error.
Answer: Syntax error.
Answer: Syntax error.
Answer: Syntax error.

This goes on forever in a loop.

This does not happen when using X ( no -t flag), then this question
gets ask 4 times ( corespondending to setting "continue" to "break"
in the snipplet below).
It seems that calling filter_ask(bla... , NULL, bla...) in filter.c
from systrace.c in gen_cb() line 300 is causing this behaviour;

		if (fls == NULL) {
			printf("Syntax error.\n");


running sytrace -a make gave me:
$ grep native-poll /var/log/messages | wc -l
$ tail -n 1 /var/log/messages
Feb  6 00:03:36 lap systrace: deny user: leopold-bloom, prog: /usr/bin/make, 
pid: 14220(0)[32120], policy: /usr/bin/make, filters: 72, syscall: 
native-poll(252), args: 12


$ cat /etc/systrace/usr_bin_make
Policy: /usr/bin/make, Emulation: native
	native-break: permit
	native-fsread: permit
	native-fstat: permit
	native-getdirentries: permit
	native-mprotect: permit
	native-read: permit
	native-close: permit
	native-pipe: permit
	native-fork: permit
	native-dup2: permit
	native-wait4: permit
	native-execve: permit
	native-__sysctl: permit
	native-issetugid: permit
	native-mmap: permit
	native-sigaction: permit
	native-getpid: permit
	native-getppid: permit
	native-gettimeofday: permit
	native-geteuid: permit
	native-getuid: permit
	native-getgid: permit
	native-getegid: permit
	native-sigprocmask: permit
	native-fcntl: permit
	native-chdir: permit
	native-write: permit
	native-munmap: permit
	native-exit: permit
	native-fstatfs: permit
	native-lseek: permit
	native-sigsuspend: permit
	native-getrusage: permit
	native-sigreturn: permit
	native-umask: permit
	native-ioctl: permit
	native-getpgrp: permit
	native-getlogin: permit
	native-pread: permit
#	native-connect: permit
	native-setsockopt: permit
	native-setitimer: permit
	native-utimes: permit
	native-sendto: permit
	native-select: permit
	native-recvfrom: permit
	native-getsockname: permit
	native-getrlimit: permit
	native-setrlimit: permit
	native-fswrite: permit
	native-link: permit
	native-chmod: permit
	native-vfork: permit
	native-fchdir: permit
	native-kill: permit
	native-dup: permit
	native-ftruncate: permit
	native-rename: permit
	native-symlink: permit
	native-nanosleep: permit
	native-getgroups: permit
	native-flock: permit
	native-fchflags: permit
	native-fchown: permit
	native-fchmod: permit
	native-chown: permit
	native-seteuid: permit
	native-setegid: permit
	native-setuid: permit
	native-setgid: permit
	native-setpgid: permit
	native-socket: permit
	native-connect: sockaddr match "inet-*:53" then permit