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Re: Where's the right place to document sysctl's for ogle?

On Tue, Feb 04, 2003 at 10:50:25AM -0700, Bob Beck wrote:

>> It is already documented in DESCR, i.e. you should be able to see it with
>> `pkg_info ogle`.  If you have better ideas...
> Well, since "man pkg_add" doens't tell me to check such things for shit I
> might need to change to make it work (and I didn't, figured it out by
> inspection) - perhaps there needs to be some sort of standard place for
> things like this that you might need to do with a port - a man page would
> of course be nice but that's not always possible. I.E. if DESCR is the
> standard place to put gotcha's like this pkg_add(1) should say something
> about it. Although there might be better ways...

I would have thought for a case like this MESSAGE would be a good place to
duplicate the gotcha. mplayer is in a similar
eat-shared-memory-like-there's-no-tomorrow situation, and might benefit from
a similar message too? I too tend not to look in DESCR too hard for this
sort of run-time information, although I think it serves a useful purpose
there to warn people off from installing it on their machines if they're
not prepared to fiddle with such settings.

Best wishes,