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linux emulated JDK's and maintainership.

   As much as I don't mind being the maintainer of the emulated JDK's, I
would recommend that a committer take ownership of them.  The only
changes they ever seem to have is a ramp of the distfile version, and
the consequent hash code changes.  There will likely never be patches to
a given version of the port, because we seem to be using a different
port entirely for each major.minor JDK release.  Within, say, 1.3, there
is really no meaningful change, and all I end up doing is having the
first person to realize that sun issued yet another patch version inform
me, and then I inform the committers.   If a committer maintained it,
they could simply ramp the distfile, make makesum, make package, and
   For the native JDK's, it's more useful for me to be involved, because
the changes aren't necessarily exclusively a distfile change, thought
that may be the long-term result of our efforts.  (Mind you, with Niklas
committing OpenBSD fixes to the BSDJava stuff, even that might not be
that important.)
   Just a suggestion.