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Re: kppp, and other kde apps


I have a strong interest in KDE apps but I've had no success
trying to run any KDE software other than that available as 
Openbsd packages.  

Dave Feustel

On Sun 02 Feb 03 11:46, Marc Espie wrote:
> From what I've seen when playing with kde, the level of linux dependency
> is usually pretty low. What's actually needed is that someone plays with
> the application, and finds out where OpenBSD's behavior fits in. In most
> cases, there are two or three lines to tweak out.
> In my opinion, kde is doing a very reasonable job of being
> linux-independent in some areas where it's classically hard to work on
> every unix flavor: system tools.
> kppp falls in that category. I admit I don't use it, and I'm fairly lazy,
> so I don't feel like trying it out. But some motivated person, even with
> fairly low programming skills, should have no trouble figuring it out and
> adding the requisite OpenBSD code.
> The main issue, with kde, is SIZE.
> The reason I haven't put myself as `maintainer' for the OpenBSD ports of
> kde is that I'm quite aware of the sheer size of it: I don't use it all,
> I don't test it thoroughly. On a typical kde release, I mostly check out
> that most applications seem to start up fine, then I go back to my usual
> desktop, which uses only a handful of kde applications on a regular basis:
> konqueror, kuickshow, kiten, and possibly a few others...
> So, I'm highly dependent on other people reporting problems before I fix
> them !
> (Well, currently I'm aware there is an issue with kget, which is probably
> linked to thread usage, and leads to deadlocks when several concurrent
> downloads are in progress...)