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Re: vim license (was Re: OpenBSD (fwd))

David Terrell (dbt@meat.net) wrote:
>>> Vim is free, open-source, etc.  It's more free than GPL, since I can
>>> permit companies to use Vim for special purposes.  The freedom to sell
>>> software should also not be underestimated (that's the freedom the
>>> author has).  GPL is very bad in that perspective, since requiring
>>> distribution of changed source code indirectly prohibits making money.

>>> I've been thinking of a GPL++ license, which makes this very clear:
>>> Allow distribution of (un)modified sources to the public under GPL, and
>>> allow other ways of distribution after negotiation with the author (or
>>> representative).  Thus it would be possible to let HP use a modified
>>> version of Vim in their IDE if they pay me for it.  That's true freedom
>>> from my perspective.

> In other words, you want to have your cake and eat it too.  You
> want for other people to give you patches -- for free! -- but you
> be able to sell licensing terms to the entire codebase.

Noooo. If you want to change the code and keep the changes for
yourself you have to pay and if you change to code and publish the
changes it is free.

I think that that is a very reasonable solution.

Cya, Han.