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Re: licq 1.0.3

At 10:14 PM +0300 8/29/01, Heikki Korpela wrote this lot:
>On Wed, 29 Aug 2001, Tony Lambiris wrote:
>>  If GTK is defined, I would simply add gtk+licq to LIB_DEPENDS. Im not
>>  sure what I should do with qt.. I honestly dont think it should become a
>>  seperate port (which is why I have QT defined by default), so I guess I
>>  would have to go into the plugins directory of the licq tarball and
>>  compile/install it. The only problem is pkg/PLIST would have to
>>  dynamically be modified.
>PFRAG.<flavor>, like PFRAG.gtk
>I'd rather see GTK as the default, but that's only me. ;-)

Not only you . . .2 cents.
<-->Later . . . 'liam

William C Allen, BLS, EET

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