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Re: Why were all DJB's ports removed? No more qmail?

> I have an OpenBSD navigator-4.61.tgz package from more than a year ago.
> I checked ftp.openbsd.org yesterday, and it was still there.

And yesterday you claimed it was on the CD.

> Why have you been
> including Netscape 4 in the ports? Hypocrite.

We include a wrapper for it in the ports tree because they have a
non-discretionary licence.  I've said this three times now, and won't
say it again.

> > On the other hand, you set very explicit restrictions that we obviously
> > can't possibly meet.
> Liar.

Dan, do you want to go the next step?  Shall I go through my entire book
of names?

> All you have to do is stop trying to screw around with the
> package.

But we don't accept that.  Therefore, in respect of your wishes, we will
instead just let users get the unmodified package from you.

Sorry Darr, er, Dan, but that is just how it is going to be.  We don't
care if you like it, like you don't care to let us make changes which
make it fit into OpenBSD better.

We don't care.  Just please go away.