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Why were all DJB's ports removed? No more qmail?


I am just curious - why exactly were all the DJB ports dropped?
I was reading reviews for different mail servers, trying to make a choice.
Finally I decided to learn qmail "in and out" and was considering trying
djbdns also.
After two days of reading various docs about qmail it was dropped out of the
port tree. Kind of ironic :).

Quote from cvs:
"Removed qmail; license does not permit modification [camield 2001-08-14]"

But the license for qmail did not change and qmail was in the ports tree
before - so, what happened? Why was it removed?

Plus one more thing:
Quoting DJB's qmail license page :
"If you want to distribute modified versions of qmail (including ports, no
matter how minor the changes are) you'll have to get my approval. This does
not mean approval of your distribution method, your intentions, your e-mail
address, your haircut, or any other irrelevant information. It means a
detailed review of the exact package that you want to distribute."

It does not sound like modifications are not permitted at all, he just wants
to review them. May be he did not give his permission?
And it's not in the OpenBSD distribution itself - I thought ports have less
license restrictions than base.
(In other words: Why is Netscape in the ports tree?)

My last question: is it final decision, as with IPF or qmail might make it
back to the ports sometime in the future?

Thank you!

P.S. It's not that I am really upset about it - just upset that I chose the
wrong mail server to study. (I try to stick with software that is either in
base distribution or in the ports tree)