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getting graphics/vid to work

has anyone gotten the vid package to work with their USB webcam?  I have a
D-Link DSB-C300 with the OV511 chipset.  It is recognized and starts but
then exits with the error:

banky:: vid -d /dev/ugen0.00 > test.png
/dev/ugen0.00.1: No such file or directory

so, i start looking in the vid code and get to this:

  /* open the isochronous endpoint (endpoint 1) */
  sprintf(isocdev, "%s.1", devname);
  if((isoc = open(isocdev, O_RDONLY)) < 0) {

doh, doh! the ugen(4) man page says this:

    The driver is not yet finished; there is no access to isochronous

Somebody tell me they've gotten around this.  Angelos imported this based
on the FreeBSD port.  The maintainer has always been ports@ so I wonder if
this ever worked.  

If you have it working please let me know.



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