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Re: Suggestion: change in directory structure (minor)

On Wed, 22 Aug 2001, Toni Mueller wrote:

> I suggest that the ports.distfiles and packages directories
> be moved elsewhere and symlinked into /usr/ports by default
> (I do it locally).

> Reason: When you manage to screw up your ports tree, it's
> easier to just go to /usr/ports and type 'rm -fr *'
> instead of taking care to single out the two directories
> mentioned above from a seemingly changing list of
> directories.

distfiles and packages are hardly special for most of the

Having ports cruft would probably just be confusing. After
all, distfiles and packages are in no way special - they
don't do anything useful by themselves.

On a personal level, I agree with you. On a general level,
I think things are fine as they are. The /etc/mk.conf tweaks
are really not that hard. You don't even need the symlinks
unless you've gotten used to certain things in certain

(Things I keep in a seperate place, from /etc/mk.conf

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