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The Right Way... ?

I'm trying to get klaptopdaemon from the kdeutils collection working
on OpenBSD. It will basically require me to write a patch for the
program that does the same thing as apm and need to use a couple of
the apmd header files that are not installed in /usr/include/machine/

Is it OK to put these two header files in the port and copy them into
the ${WKSDIST} dir via the configure script or is there a better way
to do this? I figure if someone doesn't have /usr/src installed on the
machine (or it's installed elsewhere) hard coded paths would break.

The application has been GPL'd so I've got concerns about mixing and
matching things on a license level... Does anyone have some insight on
the right way to do this, especially if I send the patch back to the
author like the porting guide states I should?