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Re: New i386 package snapshot

On Thu, 9 Aug 2001, Christian Weisgerber wrote:

> editors/axe                     XF4

Do we really need this port?

I remember fixing the build with some kluge or another, and I didn't
see what it's got that we don't have already. I'm all for having
different things in ports, but stuff that doesn't work properly
and offers no extra features over others and has no superior license
does not fall into my category of useful things.

> emulators/wine                  no fake?

It'd be nice if we could support wine. Unfortunately, my ~/pipeline's
getting quite full as it is. (This is call for volunteers in case
someone failed to notice. :-)

> graphics/py-Imaging,1.5         python threading conflict   seb@todesplanet.de
> graphics/py-Imaging,2.1         python threading conflict   seb@todesplanet.de

I discussed this and some other things with the port with seb already,
I understood he's working on a fix.

> lang/egcs/stable                ?                           espie@

Did your c++ subpackaging fail?

My c++ tarring failed too, I already mailed to espie@ about this and got no
reply, guess he's been busy.

That's not much of an issue though because I don't think there's too
much in either /usr/src nor /usr/ports that egcs-c++ will compile. :-)

> security/pgplib                 ?

Didn't you propose dropping this earlier already?

> shells/ast-ksh                  ?                           naddy@

Did this resemble my problems with it or was it something different?