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Re: First Port: kdeutils-2.1.1 (Questions..)

>>>>> "JCR" == "J C Roberts" <J.C.>:
JCR> This is the first port I've ever done and I've got a few questions
JCR> about the best way to resolve some issues with a few apps in the
JCR> kdeutils-2.1.1 pack. Some of the applications are (seem to me) linux
JCR> specific and don't function under OpenBSD but fortunately OBSD already
JCR> has other (better ;) ways of doing these same jobs.
JCR> Is the best answer just to remove these problem apps from the pack or
JCR> is there a better way to deal with it? 

JCR> Any input would be appreciated. 

if the packages are removed maybe they should be replaced with a script
that prints a message like "application X not installed because of
incorrect operation on OpenBSD."  Then when users are migrating over they
will know the skinny.

just an idea.

dan weeks - codemonkey

"Now you will see that Evil will always triumph 
 because Good is dumb." - Dark Helmet