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Re: DJB slashpackage

Quoting Heikki Korpela (heko@iki.fi):
> This would still require touching his software for it to work properly,
> if I'm not mistaken. I personally wouldn't want to type
> pkg_add -p /foo daemontools-0.76.tgz and see it actually pop up
> in /package, with just symlinks going to /foo. Examples:

Forget about /package.  Pretend it never existed.  Forget all about it.
Only install in /usr/local.  That's it.  For the couple of software that
actually install files at locations other than ${LOCALBASE}/bin, then
modify the said software to pick them up somewhere in ${SYSCONFDIR} (if
it happens you can locally modify it, to configure it), or somewhere in
${LOCALBASE} if you don't.  If you get my drift, do as we always did
with his software.

And keep PERMIT_PACKAGE_* to No as they are now.


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