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Re: To Sendmail or not to Sendmail.

Zitiere Joe Pepin <joe_pepin@ins.com>:

> What are people\'s opinions of Sendmail from a security standpoint?  Is
> running an 8.9.x sendmail \'secure\' as opposed to some of the \'drop in
> replacements\' available?  I want to run as secure a mail server as possible
> on OBSD 2.5.  If there are more secure alternatives, what are they?

Postfix, in the ports. Sponsored by IBM, IIRC.
qmail - www.qmail.org, touts itself as the most secure, fastest mail-server
available. It\'s not that \"drop-in\", but it also is much easier to configure.
Hotmail uses it, gmx and probably a whole lot of other webmailers.
I\'ve used it (on Linux), and I can\'t complain on its stability.


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