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Re: OpenBSD 2.5 on Alpha

Yep.  I read the INSTALL.alpha..  tried that.. did not work.

When booting from the cd, I would hope it would know where to find the bsd
image.    when using the -file option with boot, I am limited to just 1
word.  if I place a . or a / in the line, I get :


I am sorry, I did not say it was a Dec 3000/M300.. no floppy, so I can
only boot from the cd..

I did try : boot -file bsd -fl a dka0
but I got the same result as before :
 Loading BSD...
open BSD: no such file or directory

Boot failed! Halting..

Again, any help would be great.   Thanks

On Wed, 29 Sep 1999, Nathan Binkert wrote:

> Did this happen when trying to boot the CD or when booting from disk?
> If it's the former. Did you remember to read INSTALL.alpha?  Did you
> execute: boot -fi 2.5/alpha/bsd.rd dka6