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Re: Alex Bochannek: TCP issue.

As I mentioned before, I will have more data on Friday when the user
will return to the location from which he can test it. Thanks for all
the useful suggestions though.

Quick anecdote:

> Big Packets that get frag'd (by a CSU/DSU?).  No clue.  Perhaps
> someone else can draw some sane conclusions.

I used to work at a place where we had a Digital Link T3 DSU/CSU
connect an engineering site to headquarters a few miles away. The
engineering site kept losing connectivity every once in a while when
the line dropped and the users became quite irate. In the end it was
traced to a particular character/byte combination in an email that was
being sent between the sites and that triggered an obscure bug in the
DSU/CSU which would hang.


P.S.: Haven't heard back if people want me to maintain a software
      package matrix. I still think it would be very useful and I am
      still willing to do it.