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Re: Alex Bochannek: TCP issue.

Don't use qpopper, it core dumps continually and sometimes loses the
entire inbox. (at least under heavy load)

On Wed, 29 Sep 1999, chuck wrote:

> My GF had a similiar problem:
> user on a modem (through earthlink) would hang on certain messages.
> The laptop on the LAN had no problems but did via modem.
> Now, a number of things were happening on the network at the time,
> not the least was a provider change.  On a whim, (and some other
> reasons), they switched the CSU/DSU to the old one.  The problem went
> away.
> She wasn't sure if it was some CSU/DSU setting that was wrong on
> the new one or if SOMETHING else had changed on the net.  By that
> time, there were 10 other trouble tickets to handle.
> Big Packets that get frag'd (by a CSU/DSU?).  No clue.  Perhaps
> someone else can draw some sane conclusions.
> Quick debuging option might include throwing up alternate POPPER
> (qpopper, cucipop, who cares?) and use TCPD to direct THAT users
> machine to use the new popper.  Locking will be different, changes
> might occur.  Ideally, you could type into the POP protocol directly
> (eg "USER xxx\n PASS yyy\n  RETR 1\n").
> Indepth sniffing may also help.
> c
> Quoting Alex Bochannek (alex@p9.com):
> > Has anybody had a chance to look at this problem below? I am starting
> > to get some heat to replace the system with a Linux box which I would
> > rather not do. Any ideas how to debug this further?
> > 
> > Thanks.
> > 
> > Alex.
> > 
> > From: Alex Bochannek <alex@p9.com>
> > 
> > I have observed an interesting problem which is related to TCP. Our
> > POP/IMAP server (imap-4.6.BETA) works great for everybody here. One
> > user has been complaining though that when how tries to download large 
> > messages from home, "it just hangs". Here are some of the parameters
> > that I think we have been able to establish:
> >