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RE: random reboots.

I have an HP6330, which has a similar configuration to yours (if they
aren't the same model ;)  I found that there were quite a few problems
with the GENERIC kernel, which went away quite magically when I compiled
for my options.  I'd give you my config file, but I blew it away by
mistake and was waiting until 2.6 release to build another.  Mostly I
think the solution is in what you remove from the kernel config, as I
think there are some conflicting things there.


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Subject: random reboots.

i have a amd k6-2 machine with 128 megs of ram running obsd 2.5 generic.
the display is a mainboard SiS 630 chipset.  i am running XFree86 3.3.5.
90% of the time everything works fine.  the other 10% of the time the
machine randomly reboots, or locks up solid.  this only happens when x is
running.  i have run the machine weeks on end under high load without x
never had a problem.


thank you,

Michael Shutes