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Re: Sendmail-8.9.1 (host name lookup failure) on OBSD-2.4

Can you look up the other machines by IP address?
Sendmail checks the connecting IP addresses for actual
names (anti spam efforts).

If a machine has an address, it needs to be in BOTH
forward and reverse DNS.  Always and forever.

Quoting Inu Wikantiyoso (inu@mitra.net.id):
> Dear Gurus,
> I setup an OpenBSD 2.4 box as mailserver using Sendmail-8.9.1. I got
> trouble when I send email from other machine (FreeBSD and Linux) and
> from the internet. 
> The /var/log/maillog at FreeBSD machine says "stat:Deffered Name Server:
> hostname lookup failure". The other service is running perfectly to
> serve other machines on http, ssh, ftp and telnet using OpenBSD's domain
> name. nslookup from other machine also recognized the machine as a FQDN
> box.
> But using username@[obsd_box_ip_number] from other machine was
> successfully send the email to the OpenBSD box.
> How to fix this problem ?
> Inu Wikantiyoso