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Re: remote administration, `su`

>Considering I don't want to violate openbsd system integrity i thought i
>would ask first about how do I allow remote administration. I get an
>incorrect groupt type of error.  I like the sound of it, but I need to
>be able to `su`.  What is the "proper" way to allow this priveledge?


excerpt from su(1).

>     If group 0 (normally ``wheel'') has users listed then only those users
>     can su to ``root''. It is not sufficient to change a user's /etc/passwd
>     entry to add them to the ``wheel'' group; they must explicitly be listed
>     in /etc/group. If no one is in the ``wheel'' group, it is ignored, and
>     anyone who knows the root password is permitted to su to ``root''.

      Check your wheel group, and make sure either nobody is in it, or
your id is explicitly listed as a member of it in the /etc/group file.

     Alternatively you can use sudo, but that's different.