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Problem with alpha install. snapshot not compatible?

Alright, even though I have gotten no answers on previous questions, I
figured that I'd post this one.

I have installed a snapshot of about a week ago on my EB164 system.
Various programs seem to be corrupted and just segfault, sometimes giving
me an unaligned access violation. grep, tar, gzip, and others ahve
exhibited this behavior.  Thinkling it may be dead hardware, I have
replaced the RAM, the BCACHE, and the boot disk.

Here's the odd thing.  All programs that come with the boot floppy seem
fine as well as the programs on the CD.  When booting from floppy, the
programs on the HD are still messed.

So, my question is, are the binaries for the boot floppies generated on a
different machine than the binaries in the tarballs?  If so, can you tell
me what those two machines are?  I'm wondering if ther is some sort of
compatability problem.  What version of the PAL code was being used?

I'm somewhat confused.  I hope someone can give me some insight here.