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Re: random reboots.

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From: Tank <tank@soma-tech.com>

<snip about linuz version of navigator>

thank you, i will try this out.

> Also, you indicated the problem only ocurred when running the new XFree86
> release, but I'm not sure if that means it didn't happen with prior
> XFree releases... I had a problem with my box early on where it would
> lock up, or reboot at seemingly random times (but only when X was
> running.)

the previous version of XFree86 did not have support for the SiS 530/630
chipset.  So i only have experience with this version of the x system

after further debugging and testing (lots of stress testing) i am beginning
to think it has something to do with the KDE 1.1.2 that i am running.
navigator (still bsdi) under stress or navigator in combination with a
screen saver seems to make the machine want to boot or lock up completely.

i will probably wrap up my testing in the next day or so and move on.  if
anyone cares about what i find out, or would like me to pursue it to a
definite cause, e-mail me personally.  otherwise, i will find a work around
and move on.

Michael Shutes