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Re: random reboots.

the k6-2 is running at 400 MHz.  the mainboard is a P5SS-ME using the SiS
5595/530 chipset.  one thing i am narrowing it down to is the x desktop.  i
am using kde 1.1.2.  things seem most likely to flake out when either
navigator 4.61 (BSDI version) or a screen saver is involved on this desktop

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From: Michael Bacon <baconm@ntrnet.net>

> What speed?  What chipset (mainboard chipset, not video chipset)?  Or, if
> don't know that, what make of motherboard?  If I recall correctly, there's
> or two speeds at which th K6-2 is just flakey.  The other thing I'd
suspect is
> a mainboard chipset that wasn't up to snuff.  Neither one is good news, I
> so I hope someone else has a less fatalistic idea.