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Re: Quick /usr/ports/lang/tcl80 question

sometimes new "framework" is added to bsd.port.mk and that requires the
end-user (you) to update it.  You will need to grab the latest bsd.port.mk
and bsd.port.subdir.mk from the -current src tree using CVS
(http://www.openbsd.org/anoncvs.html).  To get just /usr/src/share/mk you can
use "cvs co -PA src/share/mk", and then from the current dir where you ran
CVS from:

cd src/share/mk && make install

Now using CVS checkout the latest ports tree into /usr/ports.

// Brad

>OpenBSD folk-
>I don't use my OpenBSD box to do much development, mainly just to route traffic,
>but I have a need for Tcl 8.0, now.  However, when I enter the /usr/ports/lang/tcl80
>directory and type the customary 'make', I get the following error:
>--- 8< snip snip >8 ---
>hler:[/usr/ports/lang/tcl80]#> make
>Need version 1.92 of bsd.port.mk
>*** Error code 1
>--- 8< snip snip >8 ---
>This is the OpenBSD 2.5 release (not CVS).  Is this just me failing to do something
>rather obvious, or do I need to upgrade my ports tree?