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Re: FYI: arc build and request for build machine outside US.

> In message <Pine.BSO.4.10.9909281231340.27730-100000@hobbiton.org> Leif Pedersen writes:
> : I have heard rumors that we (in the US) are now allowed to export crypto
> : stuff as of about a week ago.  I may be misinformed tho.
> Well, if it were that simple, I'd build the damn thing myself.
> However, the details are few, the conditions sound onerous and I don't
> trust the government not to come back later and screw me somehow.
> Besides, Theo won't even think about taking it from US residents
> because he wants to keep the project legal.

Exactly.  I don't trust your government, and I don't even live there.
I think a lot of people are being very gullible this early on in the