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Re: Problems upgrading...

Monday  I upgraded a 2.4 system to the latest snapshot on a
PentiumII-350, 64Mb:

	OpenBSD 2.6-beta (GENERIC) #637: Sat Sep 25 07:44:25 MDT 1999

two small issues:

base26 did not install the first go round, saying
./usr/include/machine could not be removed, not empty

so I did a ^Z at the install more sets [] prompt, deleted the files in the
directory (which is /mnt/usr/include/machine during the upgrade) and did a
fg and let the install do it again, worked fine to completion.

I saw the ssl error before on another upgrade two days before, so I
manually downloaded the file, did a "tar tf" to see where it went and
untarred it in that directory.  Seemed to be fine after that.

but the big problem is the ports tree.  I downloaded ports.tar.gz from the
/pub/OpenBSD/snapshots/i386 directory, installed it, ran a  make

and it comes back with:

	"/usr/ports/infrastructure/mk/bsd.port.mk", line 1391: Malformed
	conditional ((${MIRROR_DISTFILE:L} == "yes"))
	Unknown modifier 'L'

I did a rm -R ports, retrieved and untarred the ports tarfile again and no

Is this from the changes in bsd.port.mk, or do I need a new make? I have
just been getting the snapshots, not keeping up with the source tree.  Am
I mistaken in thinking that snapshots give a complete system (less /etc),
or should the standard procedure be to get a snapshot and then get the
source and recompile everything?

I am well aware of the "bleeding edge" of snapshots, but my experience has
been they are solid as a rock almost all of the time.   


On Mon, 27 Sep 1999, tb wrote:

> i'm having trouble upgrading to the most recent snapshots.
> i downloaded the snapshot files and checked the hashes (everything was
> good).
> when i try to upgrade, the base file screws up half way, gives an error
> message (i forgot to write it down...  i'll try again later if necessary),
> then moves to a new line and proceeds with the rest of the progress bar.
> also the ssl file just fails.
> is anyone else having this problem?
> also, when you first do an ftp install, does it use the most recent snapshot
> or the release version?  this could explain some troubles i've been having
> compiling the source tree...
> thanks,
> TB