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Sendmail-8.9.1 (host name lookup failure) on OBSD-2.4

Dear Gurus,

I setup an OpenBSD 2.4 box as mailserver using Sendmail-8.9.1. I got
trouble when I send email from other machine (FreeBSD and Linux) and
from the internet. 

The /var/log/maillog at FreeBSD machine says "stat:Deffered Name Server:
hostname lookup failure". The other service is running perfectly to
serve other machines on http, ssh, ftp and telnet using OpenBSD's domain
name. nslookup from other machine also recognized the machine as a FQDN

But using username@[obsd_box_ip_number] from other machine was
successfully send the email to the OpenBSD box.

How to fix this problem ?


Inu Wikantiyoso