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Re: Alex Bochannek: TCP issue.

If there would be retransmissions, I would as well, but there aren't
any - the OpenBSD POP server just backs off and eventually sends a
RST. His home line uses a 3COM ISDN TA. He has used this setup with
the same provider for a long time and does not have any other
problems. He used the identical setup to pull close to 1,000 messages
from an alternate provider with no problems whatsoever. He can
download large files from the Net without problems. The only problem
he has is pulling messages from the OpenBSD POP server if they exceed
a few hundred kB. Sending those messages with SMTP is not a problem

Thanks for the input.


> On Mon, Sep 27, 1999 at 03:37:43PM -0700, Alex Bochannek wrote:
> > OK, I tried to reproduce the problem and had no luck. The user
> > attempted to download the very same message from the server over an
> > office modem line (which is even slower than his home connection and
> > which I would have expected to exacerbate the problem) but it works
> > either way: with 1323 off as well as on. He will try it again from
> > home on Friday. Any other ideas what to look at in the meantime?
> If someone came to me with this problem, the first thing I would suspect is
> his modem.  Maybe see if you can pinpoint it to that.
> Ian