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Re: slow inet

Are you running NAT/ipfw to get to the internet then?  If so, I found
setting up DNS on the obsd machine and having all your other machines
point to only it for dns will speed up the proccess on getting to external

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On Mon, 27 Sep 1999, Joe Price wrote:

Hi I recently installed openbsd on my old cyrix machine to be the
gateway to my private network.  For some reason the connection is slow,
and there are some sites that are just VERY slow.  I spoke with a few of
the developers, they asked me if I was running off a ne2000 card
(specifically the one that came with my cable modem), which I am.  Is
there a problem with these types of cards? If so can it be fixed/patched
or am I better off with a 3com?


Joe Price (jprice@nevaeh.com)
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