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RE: Alex Bochannek: TCP issue.

Hi Alex,

I have run into the problem that you described with pop running
on a Solaris system.  When we looked into the problem it turned
out that the user was saving all the mail on the server and never
cleaning up.  So the mailbox was like 50MB or larger and pop will
sit there and scan through the whole mailbox to find out what
mail was downloaded previously.

Can you have the user bring the system into the office so you can
dialin and recreate the problem, maybe the problem is with the
users modem, lots of crc errors etc.

I support remote users and it is a royal pain to get all the
information.  If I have a system in front of me it might take me
15 minutes to isolate the problem but over the phone or email it
might take me 2 to 3 hours depending on how familiar the user is
moving around the system and passing the information to me.

Good Luck.
- Deepak