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Re: Linux Binaries

Warren Beckett wrote:

> To clarify,
> I am running openBSD 2.5, on which I am trying to run a Linux binary
> WJB.
> >Hi,
> >Are you aware of a way to debug Linux binaries to determine what
> libraries they are trying to access etc?
> >I am trying to execute a small binary and I am getting a abort Trap
> message.
> >Any Ideas?
> >Regard
> >Warren

Just for the sake of other users, did the `ldd` workout for you?  I
wasn't aware that you meant openbsd in my email. I just tested on my
openbsd 2.5 machine and it seemed to work out alright.

That was odd :p

Joe Price (jprice@nevaeh.com)
Interactive Media Development