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Q: regarding 2.5 release.

Recently I decided to drop linux. I formatted my hard drives and
installed OpenBSD 2.5 release. I've already compiled a new kernel,
applied the security patches in the 2.5.tar.gz file, rebuilt everything
in the src tree, and got pppd working.

After reading the FAQ and many manual pages I still have a few

1. I fetched a current version of the ports tree using cvs over ssh.
However, a few of the ports say that I need a newer bsd.port.mk file.

2. The version of X11 that I have is the one that came with 2.5 release.
Should I worry about getting a more recent version? If so, should I get
it by fetching the current X11 src tree with cvs?

3. While browsing through some of the sample kernel config files I
noticed quite a few options that weren't in the options manual page. Is
there another reference for the config files other than the config and
options manual pages? Most of the format of the config file is still
greek to me.

Thanks for your time.

Michael Price