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RE: Miscellaneous things.

On Fri, 24 Sep 1999, Christian Edward Gruber wrote:

> Perhaps what would be useful is to have a checklist of items which can be
> added to the Makefile (or somewhere in the files directory), which will
> then automagically appear in make searches or whatever.  These items would
> essentially be things which semantically resolve to "scanned for buffer
> overflows", "mktemp's changed to mkstemp's", "configured to run in chroot
> purgatory", etc.  This way, the default port would have none of this
> configured, but you could from the higher level makefiles run "make
> SECURELEVEL=somethingorother" and that would exclude ports without the
> required characteristics.

N months ago somebody proposed adding X/Y/pkg/SECURITY file to
ports/ tree. This was an excellent idea. If porter has made 0
security checks, then at least package should be marked as such.