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Re: Miscellaneous things.

On Fri, Sep 24, 1999 at 05:29:31PM +0100, andy lowton wrote:
> > [root@optiserv ports] make search key=netscape
> > Port:   mozilla-19980728
> > Path:   /usr/ports/www/mozilla
> > Info:   Mozilla. Free version of Netscape browser.
> Oh yeah, this reminded me. The current navigator port fails when you do make 
> install. I think it's because they have moved things on ftp.netscape.com.

The people at netscape.com,

> The port of expect also fails because the current version is 5.30 and the make 
> install process is expecting (ouch) 5.28

The mirrors that don't keep stuff for more than a week (linux effect).

The ports list was current for OpenBSD 2.5, which was six months ago.
You can either ride on the edge (update to current) or find some way to get
maintainers to listen to reason/find someone to build a full mirror of
distfiles at that time.

You can't both have reliable releases, and permanently up-to-date stuff.
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