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It's Friday!

I have a question about cvs. I have a 2.5 cd but not the 2nd CD of the set
(got it in a BSD package from Cheapbytes). I am very much enjoying the
challenge of learning OpenBSD as I have used linux for a while now. What I
need to know is about cvs-ing up src's. If I'm not going to use a snapshot
of the next distribution do I need to update my src. 

The doc's say (by the way please get off the peoples back that are trying
to document stuff - please! - then you won't be bothered as often by newbies
like me - wish I could contribute) that I must set CVSROOT to a server
and then do a setenv anoncvs@... but the servers that I try to attach to
all time out. If you don't want to answer this in detail can some one at
least point  me in the right direction. I am sure I am overlooking
something as I often do.