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Re: Miscellaneous things.

Digests is a good idea. Help to reduce traffic on the list.

On Thu, 23 Sep 1999, Alex Bochannek wrote:

> I had unsubscribed from the list since work has gotten too busy, but I 
> am starting get caught up again. I thought I mention some
> miscellaneous items that I have noticed.
> At work, we are running our main engineering services off of two old
> SS2's with OpenBSD2.5-current (as of about six weeks ago). The systems
> have been generally stable and surprisingly performant considering the
> machines' age. The load is generally light though.
> One systems runs our DNS and handles all incoming and outgoing mail,
> as well POP/IMAP and LDAP.
> The other system runs SAMBA, the internal Web server, and RUST, our IS 
> trouble ticketing system.
> Quick hardware questions: 1) Does anyone have OpenBSD running on a PC
> with the intel Celeron Socket370 chipset (forgot the name)? 2) Anyone
> working on support for CardBus and specifically the Adaptec SlimSCSI
> 1480A?
> One thing I mentioned before is the question of where to install
> things. In dealing with too many UNIX and UNIX-like operating systems
> over all these years, I don't really want to figure out anymore where
> I should install stuff. It would be really nice if there were some
> handy guidelines that can be easily applied to programs that don't
> come out of the ports/packages area. hier(8) is a good start.
> In general, I think it would be really, really great, if someone could
> maintain a Web page that lists what software packages are available
> for OpenBSD. It could list what version may come with it already (and
> for what hardware platform), what is in the ports tree, or what may
> compile straight out of the original package's distribution. Come to
> think of it, I am even willing to maintain such a matrix if people
> forward package information to me. I think the Gnome Software Map is a
> nice model that works real well.
> One comment about the mailing lists. Could a digest version of the
> different lists please made available? Also, I think a general UNIX
> novice and a Linux migration mailing list might be worthwhile
> additions.
> Alex.


John Horn
City of Tucson, IT Dept.