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Hello, and a few questions about installing and Console on Serial.


I am new to OpenBSD.  I currently run a FreeBSD box and two Linux boxen.  (I
am a veteran of Slowaris, OSF/1 and Linux, and have been using FBSD for a
few months) I would like to upgrade my linux boxen to OpenBSD.  One serves
as a mail server, and one as a firewall.  The mailserver machine is a very
old ISA box with a 2X Mitsumi CDROM and an SMC Ether-EZ NIC.  I cannot get
the install to detect *either*.  I need one or the other in order to
complete install :(  I am currently hunting for the SMC diskette, I had to
turn off memory mapping or whatever for Linux a while back too, but now I
can't find the disk.

So, does anyone know where I can download the software for the Ether EZ?

Does anyone have any ideas about the mitsumi?  It worked under Linux
(although I did have to fight with it, but it was like 18 months ago, and my
memory isn't fresh)

And what device will I be trying to configure under UKC for the SMC?

Or with this combo, is it more cost effective just to buy another $90 box?

The firewall machine (much newer) has installed smoothly, and I'll be
figuring out IPF for a while :)

I would like to use some VT320s I happen to have as consoles for both of
these machines, where do I go to look for how to do that?

Thanks on advance!

I really like what I see so far!  You all have done a great job!  I look
forward to trying to contribute someday.

Joe Pepin

Joe Pepin
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