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Re: OT: Bypassing "no keyboard" error on PC

I think this is it.  THere is no BIOS option - it's an old box.  Hell,
I used to work on a Leading Edge box with 3rd party kb that would boot
and EVERYTIME say "can't find keyboard - press F1 to continue"

I KNEW there was a pullup resistor solution.

Quoting Tamas TEVESZ (ice@extreme.hu):
> On Thu, 23 Sep 1999, chuck wrote:
> you have two possibilites, the first one being setting ``halt on no
> errors'' in the bios setup (or halt on whatever you can specify there,
> i find no errors being OK), and the second one being
> http://mailtrans.sote.hu/~ice/infostore/looback-keyboard-adaptor.txt
> (rip-off of an article posted on the LRP-list couple of weeks ago,
> kudos should go to that guy). the latter one is a hardware solution
> costing one 10kohm resistor and 30 seconds to plug it in.