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Re: Large files

It should also be noted that at 4 Terabytes, FFS runs into some issues.
Having just recently done a "newfs" on a 300G RAID box, there are better
things to do with your time.

I would expect that you might want to break up terrabyte systems, but
RAID vendors DO make it easier.  I could certainly stripe across multiple
500G+ RAID systems (using different SCSI channels cause I large RAID
box should be able to Max out an 80MB/s card - nobody supports the
160's yet).

I've been involved in olden days large striping with 6 controllers
each with 7 disks to get real time high res video (well, closer to
film resolution).

When you get into massive storage, you also get into tuning specifics.
If you are keeping astrological data, the files are often fairly huge,
so you can quickly crank up your block sizes (4k blocks are just silly
when it's full of 100+Meg files).

Quoting Austin Hook (austin@canuck.com):
> On Tue, 21 Sep 1999, Tony Sarendal wrote:
> > A friend of mine who is developing some applications on Linux
> > ran into the 2 Gig file size barrier. I tried to create a
> > 3 Gig file on my oBSD machine and that worked.
Is this a limit on the PC or within Linux in general.  This sounds
old and I think I had linux on a 4g disk on a Sun IPX.
> > Question:
> > What is the file size limit within OpenBSD ?
> > How large a file can I create on a OpenBSD system, being root and all ?
> > Tony Sarendal
> I've heard that BSD type systems can do 4 terabytes max, with some
> limitations after the 1 terabyte size.   I notice that there are some
> utilities that have been repaired for bugs with large file sizes. I wonder
> if there might be some more left.
> Austin Hook
> Calgary