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Re: Man pages ksh.

Man pages.  I have had to write a few manpages, but just don't recall
'roff at all.  My boss writes memo's in it, I last used it in the 80s.
(and I used to RULE in Digital's Runoff).  Alas.

So editing man pages is easy - the 'roff structure is there for you.
For NEW manpages, I've cheated in the past by taking one with the
structure I needed and stripping out the content.  So take ls.1
and edit out the actual DATA and fill your own it.  (If only some
of these GUI editors did a "save as... ROF".  oh well).

Also, for overkill there's an OReilly book on ksh.

Quoting dan@temple.edu (dan@temple.edu):
> press ESC, vi keys work from there, plus command line recall can be done
> with j & k (down & up respectively, just as in vi, i add this note because
> most other ksh's i have worked with have not had those)...
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> #From: "Majestic One" <mirror.world@usa.net>
> #To: "List -- OpenBSD" <misc@openbsd.org>
> #Date: Wed, 22 Sep 1999 09:29:53 +0200
> #Subject: Man pages ksh.
> #
> #Hello!
> #
> #How would I begin writing man pages?
> #
> #Some time ago Theo de Raadt made a comment about ksh being superior to 
> #bash. Beeing a bash man i tried ksh out but have yet to discover the 
> #command line editing.
> #
> #So half of my question is how do I get command line editing in ksh?
> #
> #And the other half is how would I write a man page/man page update or 
> #should I simply write a .txt "KSH for the stupid"?
> #
> #/Mj1