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Re: ftpd

There's a lot of information that's not here that would go far
towards helping craft a solution to the problem.

You can handle a lot of this with basic permissions.  I've done
a lot of this with WUSTL ftpd which has all the bells and
whistles (and buffer issues :).  It sounds like you are using
anonymous FTP?  It everyone anonymous?  Or just the uploaders?

You don't say where this is, but if it's on a LAN you MIGHT want
to consider pushing out the upload directory or a mirror of it
via a network service.

I worked in a place where I got to dicate Unix and since it was
full of artists types, Macs.  We just served AppleTalk from
Unix.  The user's credentials let them handle the directory and
files.  Uploads to certain projects were forced to that
project's owner.

Also be aware that if you let folks upload AND download the same
files anonymously, you'll be housing "warez" in no time (ftp
version of SPAM relaying).  Good habit is if they can FTP PUT
then they can't GET the same file without something happening in
the back.

Other options include using Apache and an UPLOAD CGI.  Again, I
don't know if the env is the dirty nasty internet, or an place
where everyone is on a LAN and has responsiblity to an

Quoting awc (awc@dryden.lakeheadu.ca):
> Hello,
> I am working for graphics art company and they have a ftp site that get
> a around 50-200MB of files uploaded every day.
> I read the FAQ and manual pages to set up ftpd.
> 1. I guess I have to set pub directory permission to 777 to be able to
> upload files.
> I do want any one to delete, rename or run mkdir commands. Basically
> login, set the mode, upload, cd and download the files will do it for
> me. I start to read ftpd.c file this morning. my question is:
> 1. Has any one got strip down ftpd.c ?
> 2. It look like right place for me to disable commands. Any thoughts??