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OT: Bypassing "no keyboard" error on PC

apologize for being semi-off topic.

First off, nice new web page, didn't catch when it went up but the
reorg helps out a lot.  (I just don't like the 'jackbooted
stormtrooper' image - how do we convey secure even against many
'authorities' will?)

Okay:  I have mostly non-PCs.  I'm dealing with a couple PC's and
helping a guy at work who was gonna use FreeBSD for his DSL but came to
me last week and said "ever heard of OpenBSD?"  I gave him an account
on one of my boxes to get to know it some.

His box works fine, he's very happy, but it needs a keyboard to boot
up.  Given it's location - it's in an entertainment cabinet (wiring
central) being an MP3 server, server for the wife's Windows machine and
X10 central - a keyboard is ugly.  He's found little keyboards, and
certainly understands that in BIOS disaster time, he's gonna need a
proper head on it.

A KVM switch was suggested, but costs more than he cares to spend on
it and, mainly, doesn't fit well.  It's not the right answer.

99% of the time, he wants it headless.  I recall SOME device that let
you 'fake' the PC into thinking there was a keyboard.  It was something
like a pullup resistor across some of the PS/2 connector.  Does anyone
have a pointer or a part they'd recommend?

Hotbot and Yahoo came up empty, but I'm not quite sure what to look
for (not "keyboard eliminator").